Being Agile have provided ongoing coaching and training to the team at Crowdfunder as it has grown and established itself as one of the UKs leading crowdfunding platforms.  Crowdfunder have embraced agile across their teams to be a truely agile crowdfunding organisation.  img_8288

Adopting Agile at Crowdfunder by Jess Ratty

We talk a lot about our great crowdfunders raising money but we rarely talk about how we’ve built – the UK’s largest crowdfunding platform. We’ve grown from a team of four to over 20 in the space of two years, and now help thousands businesses, charities, communities and individuals to raise millions for their great ideas.

With such growth in such a short period of time – and in such a fast moving industry its important to prioritise ruthlessly, thats why we have put the agile methodology at the heart of everything we do.

We’ve been working with Agile Business Coach, Belinda Waldock, author of Being Agile In Business to explore how we can create a culture of using highly effective methods for managing new projects, empowering our teams of tech innovators, marketing and social media experts and business development managers alongside enabling our project owners on Crowdfunder to think more agile when building their campaigns to raise funds.

Phil Geraghty, MD of Crowdfunder, commented: “Belinda has enabled us to not only understand agile methodology, but also to anticipate change in the fast-moving sector, streamline workflows and discover new ways to collaborate in and out of the organisation as we grow to encompass more partners and innovative relationships – bringing crowdfunding to hundreds of thousands of communities, businesses and charities.”

Dave Barnwell, Tech lead at Crowdfunder says: “At Crowdfunder I work with our team of Developers to run the website, invent and create new digital processes for our project owners and make sure that the fundraising process is as smooth as possible. Alongside that, we also build bespoke solutions for our partners and business relationships. This means that as Crowdfunder grows rapidly, we have to be agile in our approach to workflows – giving our developers the creative space to build fantastic kit for everyone to use including reporting, data analysis and evaluations. The most important aspect for us is that our Crowdfunder community have up to date and innovative tools open to them to create brilliant projects and become successful with their aims and ambitions. This means our work flow and decision processes can change rapidly. It’s been great working with Belinda to identify better practice and build on our already strong agile behaviours.”

Belinda adds, “Working with Crowdfunder has been absolutely fantastic, it’s a great experience gaining insight into such a fast-moving industry – and one that already has agile at it’s core. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the brilliant team, building on their creative strengths and helping the business to help even more people raise the funds they need to make their great ideas a reality.”

It makes sense that in a world where we curate talent, that we take the time to step back and assess how we work as a team, how we bring new collaboration to the fore and how we take those big leaps forward to keep up with supply and demand. We recommend the book “Being Agile in Business” for anyone looking to be the best in a high-growth environment.

5 Top Tips: Being agile in the crowdfunding world, by Jess Ratty, Crowdfunder

Belinda’s top 5 tips for keeping your organisation agile:

Be an agile business leader:

“To be a successful business leader in today’s fast paced business landscape requires agility – agile is a method and mind set for navigating uncertainty, it will literally put the writing on the wall to give you the access you need to the workings of the people and processes within your business to ensure you are building the right thing, and building that thing right.”

Be agile with business direction:

“Agile helps teams to work out for themselves the best way forward by providing them with the tools, environment and support they need to build effective solutions. When crowdfunding – you’ll need to be agile with your project, by listening to your network and your “crowd” your business can grow with agility and new unforeseen business directions.”

Create an agile culture:

“Agile leaders take advantage of the wealth of talent they have within their organisation – empowering and energising their teams, helping the business play to it’s strengths. Agile gives leaders a way to let go without loosing control, giving teams ownership of their work.”

Communicating agile:

“Some of the best businesses are the ones with open lines of communication. Create collaborative channels within your business that share your vision and ambitions to bring a common purpose and with that, comes understanding, collaboration and enthusiasm for growth!”

Agile management:

“Many organisations find themselves starting lots of projects and not finishing them, you’ll want to balance running the business with creating slack for teams to enable them to continuously improve their working practices and gain even more traction and momentum towards your business goals. processes are great – but managing your team and a creating a culture of innovation and creativity is brilliant for unleashing new ideas, and working on that all-important team moral!”