30 ways Being Agile in Business will help your Business

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1. Agile Background
Learn about the sources of the methods
and practices behind agile

2. Agile Benefits
Explore the problems agile can help to solve
and the benefits agile working can bring

3. Agile Characteristics
Identify what being agile means to you

4. Agile Logic
Understand the logic behind agile thinking

5. Agile State
Identify the 3 layers of agility needed to
create an agile mind set

6. Agile Beliefs
Understand the values and principles behind
an agile way of thinking

7. Agile Method
Discover how to adopt a learning driven approach
that delivers results early and allows for improvement

8. Agile Goals
Learn how to be solution focused and
clarify what you want to achieve

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9. Agile Reality
Learn how to take a reality check
to help you gain focus and balance

10. Agile Options
Discover simple ways to map out your early choices
with the information you have available

11. Agile Way Forward
Explore how to develop a test driven route to success
through observation to gain better awareness

12. Continuous Delivery
Learn how to change to a rhythm that works
to sustain and manage performance

13. Agile Scope
Adopt an approach that manages variables
and works to deliver benefits rather than fix and
control requirements and the end result

14. Estimation Games
Learn a series of games that help you to understand jobs
and clarify the expectations of others

15. Ranking Priorities
Learn simple ways to order and establish the importance
and order of things

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16. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Learn how to explore and develop your ideas
and validate their viability rapidly

17. Agile Dashboard
Learn how to easily build a practical way to visualise,
track and manage your workload

18. Lean Pipelines
Visualise journeys and progress and create
communication channels with colleagues

19. Lean Efficiencies
Remove and reduce waste with
8 commonly hidden inefficiencies

20. Run Sprints not Marathons
Discover an approach that allows for regular change and improvement while reducing daily interruptions and distractions

21. Sanity Metrics over Vanity Metrics
Learn how to set measures that inform and
identify development opportunities

22. Agile Reflection
Explore simple ways to build refection and learning
into your everyday working practices

23. Learning from Experience
Recognise agile methods provide a platform for changing direction as we gain more experience and understanding

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24. Sharing Agile

Discover ways to introduce others to agile, who will be most likely to join you early and who may take some time to convert

25. Agile Culture
Identify ways agile works to foster a healthy and positive
working environment

26. Agile Teams
Learn about how teams can use agile to work collaboratively
and in harmony using agile communication practices
and visualisation tools

27. Lean Teams
Establish collaborative working and connect teams
using visualisation of workflows

28. Agile Leadership
Explore how agile methods support the development of a shared and common purpose within a business, breaking down barriers and improving communication throughout the business

29. Agile Management
Learn how to use agile as a tool to improve team
performance and individual job satisfaction

30. Business Agility
Explore how agile can be embedded at all levels of a business
to create an organisational state of agility

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